Buddhist Biographies

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social network-view
The Buddhist Biographies platform contains more than 3200 biographies from the four major Gaoseng zhuan collections (2143), the Biqiuni zhuan (116), the Mingseng zhuan chao (36), the Jushi zhuan (301) and the Bu xu gaoseng zhuan (609).
We provide downloadable archives of the marked up texts to which we have added value: we added modern punctuation, markup that identifies dates, person names and place names, and markup of nexus points. Nexus points are markup constructs that express in computable form facts about where and when people were active. Most of the visualizations provided here rely on the information contained in the nexus points.
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This is the GIS (Geographical Information System) view and biography reader. Read the biography on the left panel, follow links over person and place names and dates for more information. Numbers refer to nexus points, i.e. events where, according to the source, people, places and dates are connected.
The Search / 搜尋 tab in the left panel provides an advanced search interface which allows the dataset to be queried according to various filters.
On the right panel the places mentioned in the biography (round icons) and the nexus points (rectangular icons) are visualized in a Google Earth platform.
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This is the Social Network view of the Buddhist Biographies dataset. This visualization is build on all nexus points which record events involving two or more actors. Clicking on a person node displays information from the person authority database on the right. Clicking on a link gives information about the nexus point and offers links back into the text.
The scope of the visualization can be filtered according to persons involved, time and collection.
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This is the Timeline view of the Buddhist Biographies dataset. This view shows which actors were contemporaneous and relies heavily on our investigation of life dates. Clicking on a person's life span lights up all actors which whom the person has met, according to the nexus points of the dataset. However, different from the Social Network view, in a attempt to foreground the negative, the timeline view also always shows which actors could have met, but for whom interaction is not attested. Different colors in the life span indicate certain (exact) or projected (approximated) dates. Actors are sorted according to death date, because data for death dates is usually more reliable than for birth dates.
To start the timeline search for a person or enter your period of interest.
To visit the interface click the image.