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Fójiào yuèbào 佛教月報
Buddhist Monthly
  • Print run: 1913, 4 issues
  • Associated Location(s): Shànghǎi 上海, Qīngliáng Temple 清涼寺
  • Associated Person(s): Qīnghǎi 清海, general manager; Kāirú 開如, Yìngqián 應乾, assistant managers; Tàixū 太虛, Zhìfǔ 智府, editors; Lí Duānfǔ 黎端甫, Rénshān 仁山, Yuányīng 圓瑛, Zōngyǎng 宗仰, compilation staff
  • Associated Organization(s): Chinese General Buddhist Association 中華佛教總會
Disambiguation Note: Not to be confused with the Sìchuān Buddhist Monthly 四川佛教月刊 or the Shānxī Buddhist Monthly 山西佛教月刊; there were a number of periodicals with similar names during the Republican period: see 佛學月刊 and 佛學月報.

Fójiào yuèbào 佛教月報 (Buddhist Monthly) was the association journal of the Chinese General Buddhist Association 中華佛教總會, the first modern Buddhist association in China.[1] It published many of Tàixū’s works. It stopped publishing after the fourth issue due to problems with cost.

MFQ has all 4 issues in vols. 5-6.


Print Run

  • Issue 1 (May 13, 1913)[2] in MFQ 5:1-284
    • A list of errata for this issue can be found at the end of the next issue, MFQ 5:513-514
  • Issue 2 (June, 1913) in MFQ 5:285-516
  • Issue 3 (s.d., July, 1913?) in MFQ 6:1-180
  • Issue 4 (s.d., August, 1913?) in MFQ 6:181-356[3]


  • Pictures and Photographs 圖畫
  • Essays and Discourses 論說
    • General Essays 通論
    • Specialized Essays 專論
    • Lectures 演說
  • Scholarship 學理
    • Scholarship 學理
  • Histories and Biographies 史傳
    • Histories 歷史
    • Biographies and Accounts 傳記
  • Special Announcements 專件
    • Letters of Request 請願書
    • Lists of Regulations 章程
    • [Committee] Resolutions 議案
    • Letters of Opinion 意見書
    • Official Correspondence 公牘
  • Important News 要聞
    • Announcements 公布
    • Mail and Telegrams 函電
    • News 紀事
  • The Arts 藝林
    • Writings 文彙
    • Poetry 詩篇
    • Eulogies 歌頌
    • Fiction 小說
  • Collected Items [?] 叢錄
    • Notes 筆記
    • Short Critiques 短評
    • Answered Questions 答問


  1. The full, formal name of the periodical was actually 中華佛教總會月報, but it is never referenced as such. See MFQ 5:387-388.
  2. The date of publication is given as 中華民國二年佛誕日 or 4/8.
  3. The first page of the table of contents for this issue is missing from the original.


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